Who we are

In a small village at the foot of Etna Calatabiano bordering the town of Taormina, began a small commercial reality.

From the start the store received the respect and trust of many customers who came in increasing numbers from the neighboring municipalities. Soon it was intended to provide open a wholesale clothing, fashion houses, shops, street vendors and all those who did use of tissues. And &rsqu;born Stiltex Group srl which occupies an important space and distributes its fabrics throughout Italy and abroad, there are many customers who are increasingly showing interest in acquiring its own tissues, as the company’s sole purpose is to enhance the quality of Italian textile production among the best in the Mondo.Oggi the company is a leading Italian textile market and ranks among the most respected distributors of Italian fabrics, always in step with the times and the one that requires the world textile market.

The group Stiltex S.r.l. long on the market, offering its customers a wide range of fabrics to suit all needs.

The large stores of the company, allowing their customers to have a very short time available in fabrics of all types.

Always attentive to fashion trends, the Stiltex Group offers quality items at highly competitive prices.

Considering the importance of efficiency of the service offered, Stiltex Group Ltd. on its website the opportunity to its customers to have 24 to 24 hours a catalog of items available in their stores.

The Lords of Nocera thank all those who access this site and advertise this company only so positive, so that it continues to grow as it has done, creating employment, welfare and refocusing on three things: Honesty, Work and Accuracy

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